Speech classes


Coraline began Speech classes yesterday at 13 months old. Here she is with her teachers @tattyloulou and Susie from 21&Co.

The idea is that early intervention now will have a positive effect on later development. Early Intervention is a term we hear a lot about. We would expect that it’s likely Coraline will start to talk from about 24-36 months, whilst for typical babies it’s likely to be from 10-18 months.

The classes are really sweet and fun with objects, word cards, matching things, turn taking and sitting in little chairs. Tatty and Susie explained that there will be lots of visual activity and repetition in the classes and that this input will help Coraline’s recognition progress, and help her reach her milestones. Thank you Tatty and Susie, we really enjoyed it and thanks for the fascinating chat about what the input means for Coraline. I love that they said the most important thing to do at home is just have fun together


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