Finalist, #BiBs2018, 'Fresh Voice' Category


I was so thrilled to discover on Friday 7 September that I made the final in the “Fresh Voice” Category in the National Blogging Awards, the BiBs. It reinforced my own commitment to, and love for, writing this Blog. What a wonderful honour.

More than 50,000 votes were cast across 11 categories for the Awards which are organised by BritMums. I am on the shortlist for the “Fresh Voice” Award , for Blogs started during the past 18 months. There are seven other blogs shortlisted for this award, and they are all doing amazing things.

I have written before about why I began ‘Coraline and Us’ when Coraline was two days old in: “Why am I writing this Blog?” and “The Reason I began writing this Blog”. She is now 13 months old.

What I would like to talk about here is the fact that the Award is called “Fresh Voice” and I think that is so pertinent to my Blog. It is all about the Voice you use.

I know that the following factors, quite simply, create the world you experience:

Beliefs, focus, language.

In this Blog my belief about our life is that we are very lucky to have such a beautiful daughter, and that life is fun and easy (which it is!), my focus is on the joy we see around us, and the amazing love which comes our way and on what we are learning.

Language is absolutely key as this shapes your reality completely. I am very aware of the language I use in the Blog, and to Coraline, and in everyday life. The language is affirming, assured, respectful, fun, empathetic, interested, caring, intuitive and so on and the posts are underpinned by my values.

This is, to me, such a huge thing; you literally create your reality by how you talk. If you choose to look at the world around you and see all the joy there is, especially the joy in the little things, then that is what comes back to you. It is as simple as that. I certainly feel it in the energy which surrounds the Blog.

This is the nature of my “voice” and Kevin’s and, for that reason, I couldn’t be happier that “Coraline and Us” has been shortlisted for the “Fresh Voice” award.

Beliefs, focus, language and their importance is universal for us all in how we experience our world, so the style of the Blog resonates in a wider sense.

Voting is open from Friday 7 September - Friday 21 September and winners will be determined by votes and the judging panel, and announced during a Twitter chat on 12th October 2018 at 1pm UK time.

You can vote for me here: It takes 30 seconds to enter - you simply choose "Coraline and Us" in the Fresh Voice category. #BiBs2018 .

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