A typical day for Coraline and me? “Eat, Activity, Sleep”! That’s the routine we read in the book the “Baby Whisperer” and it’s worked so well for us!

I have also read, interestingly, that routine is important for babies with Down’s Syndrome. Coraline feels safe and knows what to expect, so this creates a good setting for her to progress developmentally. It gives her a feeling of consistency, a steady platform from which she can flourish.

Today she’s off to a “what’s in the bag?” class up the street with our neighbour Margaret and this afternoon she and I are going to a play hour. We have a lovely mix of being out and about, and just rolling about at home (her). A friend with a baby said to me before I had Coraline that she just plans one thing a day which is what we usually do, and I love that idea.

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