Facebook Friends Friday feature


The Blog Cedar’s Story have a Facebook Friends Friday edition and Coraline was introduced on it on their facebook page on Friday 21 September.

Here’s what they put up:

“This is Coraline! She's 13 months old and we live in London, England. We learned she had Down's Syndrome and two holes in the heart when she was born. She's been rolling and sleeping through the night since she was about 7 weeks old!

So here are some incredible things about Coraline. Coraline has the best wardrobe of anyone I've met, all given to her by friends. It's so much fun dressing her in her outfits!

She loves to eat paper, or grass. Try to eat I should say. She has the most wonderful relationship with our neighbour Margaret, and they hang out a lot, just for fun. When I take her round both of them are beaming. Coraline's diet is as marvellous as her wardrobe - baked celeriac and wild turbot and such. Her dad was a chef for 17 years. He sings for her all the time, and she sways.

Her favourite toys are a crocheted octopus and a crinkly book. We get about with her in the sling a lot. She has navy blue eyes and we wonder if they will stay this way? She has a 100 nicknames. But we think Coraline suits her beautifully, beautiful as she is. 

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