Travelling light


Coraline did really well on the flight home and slept in the bassinet all the way from Perth to Kuala Lumpur and for the first eight hours from Kuala Lumpur to London. So we are big fans of a bassinet! And having baby crisps on hand for the flight and milk for take off and landing. You can even see a hint of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the corner which we had time to watch.

She's also done well at adjusting to the time difference after Australia and then Malaysia. She woke up once on her first night at home, then went back to sleep straight away, and then has slept through the nights since.

We learned that what we thought was packing lightly, could be even lighter! Way lighter! Our friend suggested travelling without a pram even, as he said you can always borrow or arrange one when you get there. We noticed a lot of the airports had little prams around that you could use in there.

What else did we learn? Go for it! It’s amazing! #travellingwithbaby#bassinet #bondsaustralia #bondsbaby

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