Travelling with a baby


Something else we learned on our travels. To go with the flow in terms of the new reality of travels with a baby. We found you can do whatever you put your mind to, and also you just accept you need to respect naptime and be home for bedtime.

In terms of respecting Coraline’s needs and e.g. being less able to sit on a beach all day, I read a great quote someone posted recently, from Tony Robbins, who I love: “trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly”.

Plus actually the different things you’re doing, because you're travelling with a baby, bring you all manner of reward when you’re open to those experiences. Though I must admit I did still try and sit on the beach half the day (of course)...which I did manage to do on a few occasions during our last week. Kevin kindly said, "go for it", and he would hang out with Coraline at the house. Then you appreciate those little things, like staying out for a few hours to swim, read and roam the white sanded beach and watch the sunset, so much. Well, they are the big things really. #travels

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