Things Coraline is up to at 16 months old

1. Swaying to music 
2. Sleeping through the night from 7pm to 7am which she has done since she was seven weeks old 
3. Sitting up straight, can move a bit towards toys, can get herself from lying down into sitting and vice versa in a wonderful manouever
4. Playing with her favourite toys: crocheted octopus, small giraffe, shower sponge, ball pit, beads (introduced by Portage recently and she loves them).
5. Drinking water through a straw and holding her own milk bottle, often one handed (since 14 months old)
6. She is now allowed to get out, get ill and explore after her heart operation at 15 months old. She recovered so well afterwards and was back to herself within a week
7. She is much better with loud laughter which used to startle her a couple of months previously
8. She loves friends and family, and smiles when people come up to the pram and everyone loves her on our high street. She loves hanging out with our neighbours. 
9. Delighting in her Dad's cooking: skate curry, roasted peppers, octopus, salmon and more. She has liked everything we have given her so far
10. Being amazing!