Things Coraline is up to at 20 months.

Ten things Coraline is up to at 20 months. She’ll be 21 months old tomorrow.

1. Love and fun with our incredible neighbours Margaret and Dave (these photos are from Friday which she spent with them). We feel lucky everyday about this. 
2. Going to a playgroup each day or seeing a friend. We go to a mix of typical playgroups, and playgroups for children with special educational needs (with amazing sensory rooms). Ideally we do something in the morning so she can have a nap in the afternoon after lunch 
3. Sleeping through the night, which she’s done since 5 weeks old. She can settle wherever we take her. She doesn’t generally fall asleep for her afternoon nap but it’s good “rest” time we hear, and her Paediatrician said it’s O.K. if she doesn’t, as she’s sleeping 12 hours overnight 
4. Getting excited when Kevin gets home 
5. Loving food. She eats all sorts. Sad when food ends. She can be quite loud about this. We do the Makaton sign “finished” to show her it’s the end 
6. Laughing 
7. We’ve recently begun using flashcards for ten minutes a day at home through “Down Syndrome Education International”. One set to encourage clear speech and one for vocabulary learning. This is because visual memory is stronger than verbal short term memory, for children with Down’s Syndrome. Coraline doesn’t say any words currently. 
8. Attempting to pull herself up to look at what’s on the sofa 
9. Growing teeth (she has two upper molars, and two lower molars discovered last week. Teeth come later for children with Down’s Syndrome)
10. Crawling gradually across a room to reach a toy she would like