Things I would have said to myself when I learned Coraline had Down’s Syndrome, the day she was born

  1. Your baby is the most beautiful girl in the world. You adore her so much your heart is connected everyday to her.
  2. She is going to bring you immeasurable, deep, deep joy. Trust me, you can’t wait to feel how this feels! You are going to feel so happy everyday

  3. She is here to teach you

  4. She has taught you acceptance

  5. Kevin is going to be the wonderful, positive, astute man you know he is. He is totally in love with her too.

  6. The hands appear from everywhere - you will be surrounded by love, warmth and true connection by friends and family. They love her.

  7. Life will feel on a different plane in terms of the connection you feel with the world

  8. She will inspire you to write, and you know how you always said, “I love writing but I don’t know what to write about,” and others will tell you your words mean something to them.

  9. Life will be incredible. You love your life

  10. You will meet amazing people through her; your gorgeous Noobies Antenatal group, your neighbours, your NHS Antenatal friends, Portage, yoga friends, 21&Co and Get on Downs and wise, warm, funny, skilled health professionals beyond your wildest dreams.