Things Coraline has taught us


1. Me: Acceptance. I used to sometimes search to be somewhere other than I was or that I “should have” done this or that, but she’s taught me to let any of that thinking go, and it is liberating to release thinking that way. And whatever moment you’re in is just right.

2. Kevin: Love is all that really matters. Coraline is just the most beautiful and enriching baby I could ever have hoped for. It’s a level of love I could never have imagined. Coraline has taught me that loving her is everything!

3. Uncle and Aunt: Awareness. Noticing more grown up children and adults with Down’s Syndrome and seeing how they are nicely integrated and just enjoying life/society like everybody else. We’re looking forward to the journey and seeing and helping her grow into the best person she can be. We think that she will teach us plenty more as we go, the best is yet to come!

4. Godmother: She’s made me learn more about Down’s Syndrome and nothing is what it appears to be. Why do we put limits on others when we truly have no idea of what they can achieve. She's taught me to read (not literally she's only 5 months), but read and learn more about children and adults with Down’s syndrome, that have stood up and said (like Coraline’s parents and Obama) ‘Yes we can' and have gone on to achieve extraordinary things, profoundly enriching the lives of those around them. She has taught me so much, where do I begin. Babies aren't scary. Watching my friends become loving, selfless parents is a joy to watch. I can hold and feed a baby. I've never been so excited about teaching Coraline to ride a bike. P.S. She also taught me to like Xmas this year! Didn't see that one coming!! 

5. My old lifecoach: What it is to surrender to what is. And to express what I need. She also taught me to be open to new people and to give them my trust. (She’s taught me a lot!)

6. Nana: The power of attitude. Coraline has made me realise the need to foster a positive attitude/approach in people who are socialising or working with children or adults who happen to have Down’s Syndrome

7. Other Uncle: She’s taught me about my need to strive for the perfect life, and by accepting “what is” it can be even better than your own idea of perfection. 

8. Grandpa: Wonder. The wonder is about all the love, joy and affection that Coraline has already inspired and about being deeply moved by the way her parents, in particular, have responded to this little miracle.

9. Another Uncle and Aunt: The path less travelled hides wonderful surprises and interest. There’s the ‘wonder' bit! What at first seemed a fairly daunting route is so much due to being the unknown, and it's been filled with all the love and excitement you’d have hoped for, plus a little more.

10. Grandma: For hers, chose to quote a Christmas card she had received from my cousin in Australia; “beautiful Coraline has been born adding further love and depth to our family”