Things we love about Coraline at ten months old


1. That she sleeps through the night from 7pm - 7am and self settles, and has done since she was seven weeks old. This never ceases to amaze us.

2. We are in contact with medical professionals through Coraline who care for us and inspire us, plus people in the community and at local groups who all spread their energy.

3. She inspires so much love in friends and family

4. She is starting to really move herself around on her Activity Mat - she can move from one end to the other, and she loves to chew the crunchy leaf at the end of the mat.

5. Her babbling - she says a lot of da-da ba-ba-ba, and smiles so much at us whilst she looks at us intently

6. Her little laugh which, when it comes, is amazing. You have to work for it! She's much more into smiling at the moment than actual laughing.

7. How she loves to eat, and loves all the purées we give her with enthusiasm and that she has just in the past month started to pick things up from her tray. 

8. That she has managed to have a nap from 8.45-10am in the morning on her own and settles herself. This has been for the past couple of months.

9. She sat up for the first time a few weeks ago.

10. That she is going to look incredibly cute in the wedding outfit we have for her for our wedding, which is in a few weeks!